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Our Digital IQ Index: Beauty | China found China’s Beauty market ripe for digital expansion. Chinese consumers are more receptive to buying Beauty products online. 20.1% of Color Cosmetics sales were online in 2012, compared to 5.1% in the U.S. The fraction of brands that offer e-commerce is on par with the U.S., 68% vs. 65%.


Only 31% of brands offer e-commerce on their site, leaving the rest to Tmall,, and other B to C Platforms such as Jingdong and Yihaodian. 48% of Beauty brands in China sell through Tmall, and 31% sell through Tmall and their brand site.


Where brands decide to sell their products has a lot to do with the category and whether they are mass or prestige. All mass brands are active on Tmall, but only a third maintain a Tmall shop. 80% of Skin Care brands and 64% of Color Cosmetics brands use the platform, compared to just a third of Fragrance brands. Similarly, the Fragrance category has a larger share of holdouts, 61% compared to 30% and 24% for Color Cosmetics and Skin Care respectively.

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