After attracting $863 million in investment from Chinese tech giants Tencent and last month, discount e-tailer is gaining both e-commerce market share and attention from international brands.

The rising e-commerce star sells 84% of beauty brands tracked by L2, as well as a long tail of local labels that fire up competition for visibility on the platform. Over half of first-page listings on beauty subcategory pages are for brands not tracked by L2, according to L2’s China E-Tailers: Beyond the Big Two report. The tracked brands with the most significant share of shelf across subcategories are Carslan and Maybelline, while the remainder have a limited presence on the first-page grids. For multiple categories including lipstick and makeup sets, these two brands have more combined first-page share of shelf than the rest of L2’s Index brands combined. Carslan leads the eyebrow pencil category with 16.4% of first-page listings, while Maybelline has 12.6% of listings under makeup sets.

As’s importance in the market increases, international brands including K-Beauty giant Innisfree, Avène, and LVMH’s Benefit have publicized official partnerships with the platform. It has benefited from their official promotions, such as a launch party held by Benefit and livestreamed online in December.

Brands will be closely following the developments in the platform’s new links with Tencent and WeChat owner Tencent now has a 7% stake in the e-tailer, and agreed to cooperate on access to audiences, marketing solutions, and payment support, while now owns 5.5%.

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