Christmas season is in full swing and all the major retailers have released their highly anticipated TV ads. While Christmas ads dominated the top five most-watched YouTube videos last year, only two brands in Gartner L2’s latest Digital IQ Index: Retail Europe secured spots. Animations from Germany’s MediaMarkt and the UK’s Marks & Spencer came first and third, respectively.

Amazon UK joined the Christmas ad party with “Give 60” in 2017, but it wasn’t enough to outshine any of the major retailers. However, what Amazon lacked in Christmas ad popularity, it made up in Echo and Prime Day awareness. YouTube videos on the latter topics rank second and tenth in the Index, respectively. Positioned with enough distance from Thanksgiving and Christmas, Prime Day could soon become an established seasonal shopping holiday.

Regardless, Christmas ad views on YouTube have declined by 57%, on average, year over year. Retailers are now competing in an oversaturated market and spending sizeable sums of money for the pleasure, an estimated £7 million in John Lewis’ case. Perhaps it’s time for brands to look for other means to raise brand awareness and spread the Christmas cheer.

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