L2 is preparing to release the 2015 Digital IQ Index: Beauty | U.K. and this year’s report puts a spotlight on gift season, which is responsible for about a third of annual Beauty sales. December sales account for 36% of online and 28% of offline Beauty purchases made in 2013. Not surprisingly fragrances were the most popular beauty category to give as a gift, with 45% of the year’s online sales and 37% of brick-and-mortar sales occurring in December.


Yet L2’s unreleased study suggest that U.K. brands are not effectively targeting consumers who like to buy gifts online. Less than half (47%) of prestige brands in the Index provide gift guides on the site. For mass brands, that drops to 11%. As 50% of U.K. shoppers get ideas for Christmas gifts for through online search, that’s a missed opportunity for online and brick-and-mortar sales.

Clarins and Aveda are among the exceptions who have invested in capturing the attention of holiday gift-givers. Clarins has a gift guide on its homepage with filters by price and gender. The brand has a wish list feature promoted on its social channels, and encourages browsers to complete a transaction by advertising a “festive gift” with purchase. Aveda created a YouTube video as part of its holiday campaign, placed prominently on its homepage.

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