While Macy’s overall sales fell 5.4% year-on-year in Q2, the brand saw double-digit growth in online sales. Robust omnichannel capabilities play an integral role in the brand’s digital sophistication and serve as an opportunity for growth.

Macy’s customers who buy items online and pick them up in-store spend 25% more, making clear that brands need to nail the basics on omnichannel capabilities. Macy’s steps up to the plate and offers eight of the nine crucial omnichannel features mentioned by L2 retail experts Harrison Lewin and Chad Bright at this year’s DLA event in New York.


The retailer places immense value on the online customer who picks up an order at a Macy’s store, offering an additional discount for these customers’ next in-store purchase. Other brands are also starting to recognize the value of customers coming to their stores to pick up online orders. For example, Walmart offers free pickup and an additional pickup discount on certain products, creating incentives to get customers in the door.

Department Stores

L2 researchers went through the steps of buying a handbag on Macys.com and headphones on Walmart.com and recorded two instances of the in-store pickup discount on Macys.com: once in a rotating callout in the homepage header, and again in a banner in the product grid page. Walmart goes even further and calls out the pickup discount during every step of the path to purchase. The promotion follows shoppers from the homepage all the way through checkout, encouraging them to visit the store — and, hopefully for the retailer, spend more.

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