clinique3Estée Lauder’s Clinique last week updated its website to enhance its customer service and product search features. The new site directs users to a page that provides informational videos and captioned images highlighting new functionalities. For example, one video shows a user linking to the site from Pinterest through Rich Pins, and checking out various products, including changing lipstick colors that are updated on a models face. These videos help to capture an actual user journey through the site and assists in presenting how the site can be used.


The redesign was created with a keen eye for extending features to mobile. The site is responsive from desktop through tablet, and on the mobile site, numerous features have been replicated. For example, existing desktop functionalities such as live consultant chat and access to global retail locations have been added to the mobile experience. Another feature catering to the mobile shopper is the ability to sign up for mobile updates, added to both the desktop and mobile sites.


The transition of Clinique’s website underscores a shift in the Beauty industry and among other industries, from social investment to customer service, in particular within mobile. This shift to expanding CRM strategy to mobile will prove crucial as numerous studies have shown the impact of mobile on sales to be significant, such as Deloitte’s recent finding that mobile-influenced sales amounted to about $593 billion of the $1 trillion in digitally-influenced sales in 2013.

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