L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beverages finds that most beer brands just use YouTube for repurposing television ads, but other beverage categories post long-form clips not suitable for 30 to 90-second spots. Coca-Cola has just begun a new strategy for more YouTube views and app downloads: staging outdoor events and uploads footage of popular dancers on YouTube. The brand created the Just Dance mobile app in partnership with Ubisoft, and on September 15 set up a stage on Paris’ Place St Lazare. Crowds formed and a performance of Les Twins (which was later uploaded) added to the draw. The clip featuring Les Twins received 6.02 million views on YouTube, 2,000 Facebook shares and 267 Tweets.

Coca-Cola has a robust YouTube channel compared to other brands in the beverage study. It is second after Red Bull in video views with more than 404,500,000.

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In addition to creative content, beverage brands can increase their YouTube views by investing in search. Currently, they are underinvested in SEO and control just 20% of organic first-page real estate on YouTube. Red Bull, which is the most-viewed beverage brand channel on YouTube controls 65% of first page real estate and purchases ads on its brand terms.

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