In an industry where flashy energy drinks dominate the ‘gram, Coca-Cola may have found the formula for social media engagement.  In its latest campaign, #ChoosePeace, the brand  donates $1 to charity Random Acts for every follower like on a Facebook or Instagram post from its Peace Tea handle. Despite having 2.5 million followers, Coca-Cola’s Instagram interactions are relatively lackluster, but #ChoosePeace could be the key to quenching its social media dry spell.

Energy drinks took 87% of Instagram interactions in 2016, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beverages. For example, energy drink Rockstar earned more than three times as many interactions as Coca-Cola on the platform. As on other platforms, the energy drink brands’ mix of visually engaging extreme sports posts and partnerships with niche brand ambassadors pays off with high organic engagement. However, with the #ChoosePeace campaign, Coca-Cola could capitalize on the ease of a like and the allure of goodwill to garner comparable engagement of its own.

Though only 11% of beverage brands tracked in Gartner L2’s study offer loyalty programs, 81% of shoppers are more likely to continue doing business with brands if they have a loyalty program. Coca-Cola shines with a best-in-class loyalty program, MyCokeRewards, which challenges consumers to submit codes on packaging from Coca-Cola Company brand products to earn rewards. #ChoosePeace offers up a similar, low-lift challenge (clicking like) to followers, and thanks to its hashtag, could efficiently reflect and lock down this loyalty on Instagram.


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