From partnering with IBM’s Watson to integrating point solutions, artificial intelligence has helped brands improve the e-commerce experience. Yet AI’s implementation and execution may seem like a daunting task. Here are a few ways that leading brands have used AI to change the online browsing and shopping experience.

David’s Bridal positioned itself as an innovator by partnering with Curalate, a visual commerce and marketing solution, to help close the social commerce loop. This new partnership gives David’s Bridal the ability to automatically create pop-up landing pages for images shared on Facebook and automatically match consumers to the exact style and type of product they were looking at, replacing the need to manually sift through products and link them to the post.


IBM and North Face

Major brands have also embraced AI’s potential to provide consumers with a seamless guided selling experience. For example, The North Face leverages IBM Watson to offer product recommendations by collecting and analyzing browsing behavior data. But while brand adoption of similar data collection capabilities has increased by 50% year over year, few brands use that data effectively.

Brands already invest significant amounts in collecting data via email forms and sign-ups, as well as in tracking what product pages consumers view. Like David’s Bridal, they need to start thinking about — and investing in — using that data to deliver improved experiences.

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