Three quarters of cars shipped globally will be built with necessary hardware to connect to the internet, according to a report released today. And although 44% of consumers surveyed had not ever heard of a connected car, investments are underway to support a potentially $2.3 trillion industry in 2020.

Close to half (48%) of brands in L2’s Auto Index have invested in connected car apps, but many have failed to perfect them. On average, these types of app receive 2.4-star ratings vs. the 3.5-star average across all auto app types.

auto-mobile-and-tablet-2014-top-five-connected-car-utilities-iosThe answer to a successful connected car may not be in individual brand apps, but in collaborating with technology players Google (Auto Link) and Apple (Car Play) which are expected to be available on mainstream cars soon. As of now, over a third of auto brands have agreed to work with Car Play. The early adoption of iOS is unsurprising, 95% have an iOS app vs. 86% for Android.


For more insight on how auto brands are evolving their technologies, download a copy of L2’s Auto report.

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