The Container Store is turning to tech with its new “Organization Studio.” Customers who visit retail locations can upload photos and videos of their organization challenges, then put together visual prototypes of their ideal spaces. After over a year of digital dormancy, the brand seems to be betting that in-store digital initiatives can help it re-surface.

Paired with a new ad campaign focused on re-envisioning your space, the endeavor puts The Container Store together with similar retailers including Lowe’s and Home Depot, who are all taking up tech to battle Amazon’s hovering presence over the home sector. While Lowe’s Holoroom Test Drive lets customers test out power tools with the help of VR, Home Depot has leaned on AR to help shoppers picture how countertops, floors, paint, and more would look in their homes before purchase.

In the past, The Container Store tactically leveraged its product pages to display relevant inventory and shipping information. It also stood out as the only brand tracked in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Specialty Retail to consistently offer a same-day shipping option on its site for deliveries in New York City. Despite these efforts, the brand still dropped twelve spots in the ranking, making clear that more needed to be done.

As American retailers struggle to keep their in-store experiences relevant amidst the online age, the specialty retail sector faces an especially bumpy road ahead. In fact, traffic to desktop and mobile sites decreased by 21% since 2017 as brands contend not only with Amazon, but also with the collective threat of longtail and disruptor brands. Adding an eye-catching element to physical stores while still embodying a digital perspective might be the answer to The Container Store’s dilemma.

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