text-3Cosme is Japan’s largest review site with 2.9 million users, 27,000 brands and 11 million product reviews. It serves as a resource for 20 to 30-year-old women who want to view product rankings and purchase new Beauty items. L2’s Digital IQ Index: Japan Beauty finds the platform can also be a resource for global beauty brands doing business in Japan.


User-generated content on Cosme is robust. The average Index brand has 49,000 followers and 170 reviews per product on Cosme. Furthermore, global brands tend to have larger fan bases that are on average 1.5x those of global brands. Seven of the top ten brands with the largest Cosme fan bases are global.

text-2Local brands have higher engagement on the platform (1.5x that of global brands). But local brands can differentiate themselves and up their engagement with call-to-action ads on the platform and brand page customization. Cosme is the most popular destination for mobile ads among Beauty brands. And even though pages are customizable, just 51% of Index brands link to brand sites and just 13% direct fans to store locators.

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