How do products reach the top of Amazon’s search results? Selling well is a good start: items with high sales volume have a decisive advantage in the retailer’s algorithm. However, brands can give a boost to less popular products by grouping them with bestsellers. L2’s Insight Report: Amazon Product Listing Structure finds that bundling related SKUs under a parent listing dramatically boosts their search position.

Amazon listing structure

This strategy can be helpful when brands launch new products, which would otherwise fall to the bottom of search results in the absence of a sales history. When new SKUs are listed as variations of existing ones, they can essentially piggyback on the older products’ sales ranks. For example, Febreze bundles newly released air freshener scents with older ones, capitalizing on the historic bestsellers.

Febreze Amazon listings

Under this strategy, even discontinued products can boost sales. After amassing months or years of sales, retired items typically outrank new ones. For example, when users search for “Almay Mascara,” the first result is a discontinued product sold by a third-party retailer. If Almay bundled SKUs into parent listings, the brand would be able to use the older mascara to boost its latest release.


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