A study published by Bons-deReduction.com in collaboration with the polling institute CCM Benchmark Panel suggests that digital couponing is a low-hanging fruit for brands with untapped potential.

According to the study:

– 93% of internet users declared having used a coupon for purchase

– 56% had researched a coupon online (on desktop or mobile) to later use it in-store

– 51% of French consumers expressed a preference for receiving coupons by e-mail

– 53% of French respondents would like to receive mobile notifications alerting them of available coupons in their geographic proximity

Furthermore, according to Google Consumer Barometer, 35% of French consumers conducted research online prior to purchase, a greater percentage than in Germany, the UK, or the US.


Despite this, French brands are failing to intuitively guide customers to online coupons and reviews relating to their brands. In France, competing parent companies Procter & Gamble and Unilever in the Personal Care sector have created digital hubs to house product information and user generated content including a rich depository of product reviews.


While the sites, enviedeplus.com and mavieencouleurs.fr, mark a significant content investment for both companies (i.e. Dove has more than 6,000 reviews on its parent site), the ROI is limited by inconsistent integration with brand sites and e-tailers.


In fact, only enviedeplus.com provides e-tailer links, and even so, the path to Amazon requires an inconvenient five clicks. Of the brands analyzed in L2’s Digital IQ Index®: Personal Care | France, few linked to their parent sites, reducing consumer access to the rich information they have generated on these sites:


Only three of six Unilever index brands have prominent links to mavieencouleurs.fr.


Furthermore, when a link was provided, it often led to the generic parent home page rather than to brand or product-specific content, reducing efficacy and adding a bulky search process to the customer journey. Increasing clear integration between parent company sites and brand websites is the logical next step towards meeting the increasing demand of French consumers for digital product information.


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