It’s no secret that the Chinese are spending a lot of yuan right now. This year, in particular, the auspicious Year of the Dragon, will mean even more gift-giving, personal indulgences, even an uptick in entrepreneurial investing. Point in case, state-owned Chinese clothing manufacturer China Garments’ recent announcement to launch its own luxury menswear brand. The company’s experience in the fashion industry is limited to say the least–just military uniforms, Mao suits and riot-gear.


Though the intended clientele of this new fashion house, dubbed Sorgere (a combination of two Italian and Chinese words), will be domestic Chinese businessmen, the construction and tailoring will all take place in Italy by the same company used by Dior Homme, Lanvin and other esteemed menswear lines. Adding to Sorgere’s cred, China Garments CEO Zhan Yingjie has lured industry veterans Francesco Fiordelli (Ungaro, Hugo Boss) and Raffaele Caruso (Raffaele Caruso Spa) to serve as fashion director and made-to-measure tailor, respectively.


The major difference between a Sorgere suit and one from a more established luxury label is price. Zhan knows convincing China’s ruling class to trade their high status Milanese and Savile Row suits for a Chinese newcomer won’t be easy, so he’s pricing the entire collection 20 percent lower than the average $2,400 custom-made Zegna.


Sorgere gets its runway reveal in Beijing next month at a private fashion show. No word yet on whether PLA soldiers will serve as models.


(photo via Reuters)

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