In advent of tomorrow’s L2 Facebook IQ Index release, today, we launched several like-gated custom tabs on the L2 Facebook page. The tabs, powered by Buddy Media (our industry partner for this particular study), offer L2’s Facebook community access to videos that highlight key findings from past reports, top-ten Digital IQ Index rankings, and downloadable infographics. Our Research Archive tab provides one-click access to full copies of each of our past reports.



The move to the Timeline interface earlier this year had many marketers nervous about the death of like-gating. As Timeline became the default landing page for brand searches on Facebook, welcome pages blocking direct access to The Wall were effectively rendered useless. With this shift, fans and non-fans alike were given the same access to the same content and experience, begging the question, “Why go through the trouble of ‘liking’ a brand page when I can access the same content by simply visiting its Timeline?”


For L2 member brands, the answer to this question is two-fold. First, the power of self-identification by association with a luxury brand is amplified by Timeline’s more friend-centric design, which prominently features and frequently refreshes dynamic friend activity above the fold. Second, the opportunity to tell compelling stories in a visually impactful manor is embedded in prestige brands’ DNA—a winning strategy for Timeline success.


As we encourage our member brands to focus on fan engagement and offering value to their communities, we realize the importance of rewarding those fans who have been kind enough to invite L2 into their feeds. For us, gated tabs were a simple and low-friction way to provide fans with access to our research and media archives. The best part? It’s all available, without ever having to leave Facebook.


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