In 2013, live television viewing in the U.S. dipped to the lowest levels since 2009. Nielsen reported that Americans watched 133:49 hours of live television per month, a 2% year on year decline. Another unexpected decline: desktop internet viewing has declined even faster by 7% year on year to 27.03 hours per month. Time spent on smartphone browsers showed the most growth, 40% to 34:17 hours a month. Hours of internet and mobile video viewed have increased by 12% and 7% respectively.

mobile-and-tablet-2014-media-consumption-by-channel-united-states (1)Not only has tablet and smartphone ownership become more widespread, hours spent on those devices has increased at the expense of desktop. The traditional PC made up for 76% of online traffic in 2012 and just 69% of online traffic in 2013.


The switch to desktop has translated to e-commerce as well, with a caveat. In the holiday season of 2013, desktop conversions increased slightly from 2.91% to 3.11% between fourth quarter of 2012 and 2013, even though mobile site visits had replaced a lot of desktop traffic.


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