DevaCurl, a hair care brand featured in L2’s Indie Index, recently sold to investment group Ares. L2’s Indie Index highlights small, independent brands that manage to punch above their weight class and compete with big-budget conglomerates in customer acquisition, search visibility, and social media. At the core of DevaCurl’s success is its ability to tap into a passionate community of curly haired women, which in turn led to organic reach.

Organic reach is difficult to achieve, especially on platforms like YouTube where many high-quality videos remain hidden behind pieces with larger ad dollars behind them. On YouTube, DevaCurl captured 71% of all organic views for content from Hair Care Brands while other big names like John Frieda and Carol’s Daughter accounted for just 9% and 14% respectively.

DevaCurl invested a lot YouTube tutorials and promoted them on influencer channels – who had various curl types – for amplification.

Users without influencer-sized followings were encouraged to share as well. They were incentivized with the likelihood of being featured on – but only if they followed the brand’s tight guidelines. Detailed instructions on the DevaCurl website and promotional materials left no room for error: users were instructed to have their curls fill the frame and use specific hashtag depending on the topic of their post.


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