Later this week, we will release our first Intelligence Report focused on Social Platforms, which analyzes the digital performance of almost 250 prestige brands from the Beauty, Fashion, Hotels, Specialty Retail, and Watches & Jewelry sectors across 15 different global social networks. In an ideal world, every brand could have an optimized presence on every digital property. They could tailor content to every geographic audience and have the means to hire a seasoned social team that could man each platform, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is rarely the case for even the most well-funded global brands and unheard of for emerging and startup companies.

In our newest video interview, L2’s Head of Research Maureen Mullen talks about how smaller organizations can prioritize digital in ways that work most effectively for them. From social media and email marketing to investing in paid search and aligning with the right retail partners, Mullen gives a thorough overview of how, using the right strategy, the Davids can compete with the Goliaths in the digital space.

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