Another of the 5-minute elevator pitch presentations from our recent clinic on Disruption came from Jose de Cabo, co-founder of Olapic, the “premier social photo crowdsourcing service.” Founded in 2010, Olapic is all about brands visually embracing their communities. The company not only helps brands facilitate UGC campaigns but it also combs social platforms for uploaded photos and videos, and, through a network of algorithms, organizes these many thousands (or more) of pieces of visual content in a way that makes them accessible and digestible to clients. In his presentation, de Cabo highlights work Olapic has done with companies like Lululemon (e.g., user photos at the bottom of its product pages), and Coach, whose recent #CoachFromAbove campaign included a fun, self-updating Instagram mosaic on featuring fans’ aerial shots of their Coach shoes. De Cabo ends his talk with one of the best insights of the entire day: “vanity,” he says, “is very powerful for a brand to tap into.” Very wise words for brands, whose next generation of buyers are all members of the selfie generation.

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