The amount of smartphone data published on a daily basis–from how many units China will ship in 2014 (450M) to how many m-commerce dollars Americans are projected to spend by the end of the holiday season ($25B)–underscores just how mobile a global society we’ve become. With Apple recently named the world’s most valuable brand and setting sales records with its newest 5c and 5s iPhones, one could easily forget how dominant the Android operating system is–like, 80 percent global market share dominant. Despite its mammoth lead, our research across verticals shows that brands, especially luxury brands, disproportionately favor iOS over Android for apps and site-optimization. In our recent Digital IQ Index report on Russia, for example, we found that luxury brands were six times more likely to have an iOS app than an Android app. In this new video interview, L2 Founder Scott Galloway talks about the Android/iOS divide, and offers his perspective on how prestige brands, in particular, should invest in their mobile presence.

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