video-top-10-brands-by-youtube-video-uploads-per-weekFor brands on YouTube, does frequent posting yield views? It depends. Certain brands have been able to achieve scale without large advertising budgets by increasing their output, while unengaging videos have hurt others who tried to do the same.

L2’s Intelligence Report on Video finds that Consumer Electronics brands have been the most successful in creating high volumes of video content, due the nature of their products. (Electronics lend themselves well to tutorials and instructional videos.)  Red Bull has managed to achieve outsized organic viewership because of its bold approach to content. GoPro is also a prolific poster, and has bypassed the costs of content creation by heavily rely on user-generated videos. The brand has allocated $5 million to awards for the top videos created by its fans.

However, Clarins, Ulta, Philips, and six other brands in the L2 Index upload more than one YouTube video per day without results. These brands do not have a high average organic view count despite their efforts.

In sum, quantity can boost viewership but only if brands can maintain quality.

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