Brands looking to spread the word about their Subscribe & Save initiatives on Amazon can find success in using Headline Search Ads. Looking at the 15% of online shoppers who subscribed to an online service in 2017, 32% signed up for replenishment subscriptions, while 55% chose product curation services such as Dollar Shave Club. Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program has the highest number of subscribers, beating out Dollar Shave Club and Ipsy, highlighting the large demographic that can be reached via the subscription program.

Seventh Generation

Headline Search Ad text creatives can serve as valuable assets for brands that want to inform shoppers about Subscribe & Save offerings. But brands tend to use these text elements for lifestyle taglines or open-ended call to action terms such as Shop Now or Buy Now. Only 14% of the 370 unique Headline Search Ad blurbs analyzed in Gartner L2’s report on best-in-class Amazon strategies mentioned sales, subscriptions, or savings. Seventh Generation led the way, with seven out of 18 creatives including the words “subscribe” or “save.“

However, Seventh Generation did not tie the Subscribe & Save check-out feature into its headline landing page. Customers clicking into the ad were presented with a multi-product landing page featuring a confusing See Buying Options button that redirected to product-specific pages and required customers to refill the checkout form. Kimberly-Clark Corporation, on the other hand, incorporated a landing page with high-quality content in headline campaigns across its brands. By clicking on a Subscribe Now button, customers can directly subscribe to the product without being redirected to the product page.

Headline Search Ad creatives can inform consumers about specific initiatives and services by incorporating clear calls to action. These ads must balance sophisticated content with features that elevate the consumer experience.

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