‘Genius’ brand Dove, ranked second of 75 brands in our 2013 Digital IQ Index: Personal Care, screened a short film at Sundance Film Festival to mark the tenth anniversary of its Real Beauty campaign. Inspired by a survey that revealed 63% of women believe social media influences the definition of beauty more than print media, the seven-minute film Selfie asked teenage girls to take pictures of themselves and their mothers to display at an exhibit. By the end, mothers and daughters realized features they were most insecure about were the most beautiful to others.

Our report featured Dove’s Real Beauty campaign as a Flash of Genius in digital strategy. Last year’s campaign “Real Beauty Sketches”, in which a former FBI sketch artist drew women based on their own description and a strangers’, was shared 3.17 million times and more than any other ad over the same period. It was the third most shared ad of all time, seen in 110 countries and translated to 25 languages.

It is difficult to predict whether Selfie will be as successful as its predecessor, but a strong and consistent message and screening at a prominent film festival tip the odds in its favor.

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