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Walgreens-owned Duane Reade’s digital communications manager Calvin Peters recently spoke with Adweek about different initiatives being tested in its 250 New York stores. One of these efforts was a partnership with Poncho, a weather notification app, to push coupons for weather-related items. For example, Poncho offers coupons for Allegra and Claritin on high pollen days for consumers prone to allergies. Poncho differs from other apps in that it personalizes weather notifications based on a short survey. Instead of weather for the entire day, Poncho users receive a daily notification about conditions when they leave for work and return home. The data about user habits allows the promotions to appear at the right time in the users’ day.


The effort was success. Of the 1,000+ poncho accounts that received promotions, emails generated a 60% open-rate for emailed coupon and SMS promotions received a 4 to 5% click-through rate. (Email or text promotions depended on consumer preferences for receiving weather promotions.) Users had the option of digitally clipping the coupons and saving them to the Duane Reade app, equipped with an in-store product locator.


Duane Reade’s mobile coupons are filling a gap in Personal Care brands’ omnichannel efforts. L2’s 2013 Digital IQ Index: Personal Care found that none of the 85 brands in the study enabled mobile redemption of coupons on their site, while 30% allowed printing of coupons.

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