Millennials run on equal parts coffee and dry shampoo. At least, that’s what Dove and the freshly-minted Dunkin’ have decided with their new collaboration, the Dove x Dunkin’ Styling Cafe, which debuted in New York City and offers coffee, dry shampoo, and mini styling sessions around the clock. The pair are also promoting a social media sweepstakes offering a chance to win a year’s supply of—what else—coffee and dry shampoo. Unlikely as the two brands seem together, joining forces could take their products from everyday items to lifestyle staples, a goal for brands of all sectors.

Dove currently leads in YouTube video views out of all brands tracked in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Hair Care & Color, indicating that it wants more face time with its consumers. However, it hasn’t quite cinched hair care cult status as compared to brands like Redken and Garnier. Hooking up with Dunkin’, which has been aggressive in its quest to outpace its peers in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Restaurants might help make the brand’s hair products more familiar to consumers who otherwise only see Dove as a trusty-bar-of-soap brand. Conversely, a collaboration with Dove could rope in beauty influencers that might otherwise turn their noses up to Dunkin’ in favor of more fashionable coffee brands.

The collaboration also taps into two buzzy trends: pop-ups and beauty-and-food collabs. In addition to a new pumpkin spice collection, cosmetic brand Too Faced has pushed peach palettes and chocolate bar scented brow products for years, while the Museum of Ice Cream recently paired up with Sephora for a makeup line.

Dove and Dunkin’s initiative doesn’t blend coffee into hair products. It does, however, align beauty with beverage to increase the association between the two otherwise disconnected categories, capitalizing on one of the most ultimate needs of all: convenience.

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