L2’s Digital IQ Index: Personal Care | UK finds that 73% of UK consumers expect leading brands to be at the top of search results. But securing top spot is not as easy as it was before, as the landscape has become crowded with Google’s new features: Shopping/Product Listing Ads (aka PLAs) and Knowledge Graph (carousel on the upper right corner). Additionally, retailers are buying against brand terms and leaving just 4% of Index brands without paid search results. PLAs from e-tailers account for 54% of paid results for UK Personal Care brands, and 61% of results are e-tailers purchasing against their own brand terms.

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E-tailers also dominate organic search results for personal care brands on Google.co.uk, making up 87% of first page results. Brands, however, have a good grip on the first result; brand sites rank first in 79% of personal care brand search terms. They have also invested in improving the quality of their search results; 75% of organic search results for brand terms include deep links.

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