2010-Lipstick-with-Carton-12-09-300dpi-6in (1)Our 2013 Digital IQ Index: Beauty report reveals that Pinterest has been a challenging platform for beauty brands. 64% of Beauty brands in our report are on Pinterest, but Victoria’s Secret is the only one with more than 100,000 followers. Benefit Cosmetics has the largest Pinterest community among Beauty-only brands with just over 42,000 followers.

Brands in the category are experimenting with ways to increase their following on Pinterest. Cosmetics and fragrance company Elizabeth Arden recently launched its second #PinItToGiveIt campaign. Each time users pin an image from the board, Elizabeth Arden donates a lipstick to a cancer patient. The first campaign, launched in 2012, resulted in 7,000 repins. Most of the current campaign’s 51 pins have on average 50 to 75 repins, whereas most pins on other Elizabeth Arden boards have less than ten. Pins that directly referenced the campaign had more than 100 repins.

The campaign has not significantly boosted Elizabeth Arden’s Pinterest followers (currently at 5,491), but it has multiplied engagement by the double digits. That shows promise for call-to-action Pinterest campaigns.


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