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Estée Lauder announced this week the hiring of Irene Kim, a model and video blogger known best for her appearances on street style blogs and 554K Instagram followers at @ireneisgood. On the same day, Clinique introduced Tavi Gevison as its new face. Estée Lauder habitually enlists high-profile models (e.g. Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls, Liu Wen) but Gevinson and Kim are the first bloggers and vloggers to partner with the iconic brand. Kim will be creating content for Estée Lauder, further emphasizing the importance of Kim’s experience creating YouTube content.

Digital influence is becoming increasingly important when hiring a brand ambassador. It’s no longer enough to hire a talent and provide them a platform, brands are paying for the star’s reach. Earlier this year, a video posted on Kendall Jenner’s Instagram received more than 444K interactions on Instagram, close to 56x the 8,000+ likes it received on Instagram. Consumers interact with and trust influencer accounts more than brand accounts, irrelevant of content.

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Similarly, Beauty brands have encountered difficulties penetrating YouTube. For example, Clean & Clear received just 6,000 views for a campaign that solicited tutorials from brand influencers and hosted them on its site. Smart brands are realizing that user channels (or social platforms) are key to views and interaction and engagement with consumers. NYX, for example, incentivized user-generated videos mentioning the brand with the NYX Face Awards campaign. The videos received 380 million views total, 99.5% of which came from videos hosted on other channels.

For more on how Beauty brands can leverage social media platforms to boost their digital platforms, download L2’s latest Beauty study.

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