Currently the sole Genius brand in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty China, Estée Lauder is exploring new destinations. The prestige beauty firm recently announced an Instagram contest with online travel company Expedia, leveraging the enthusiasm of the selfie generation to drum up user-generated content and engagement.

Entrants share a selfie of their best dream destination makeup look along with coordinated hashtags. The winner gets a trip to the tropical destinations that inspired the brand’s Spring 2018 collection — and helps rejuvenate Estée Lauder’s Instagram presence.

While the collaboration marks the beauty brand’s first time working with a travel company, Estée Lauder boasts a sophisticated line-up of skills when it comes to digital marketing. Campaigns like the quirky “Virtual Boyfriend” encourage interaction while simultaneously incentivizing data collection: customers submit their contact information in exchange for free gifts at offline beauty counters.

Although Estée Lauder has succeeded in racking up millions of followers, its Instagram lacks the dose of sass that newly acquired Too Faced exudes in each of its posts. Just as the enterprise’s acquisition of the smaller label increased earnings, including user-generated content could liven up Estée Lauder’s presence on Instagram.

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