youtube_hairToday, Europeans spend approximately 24.3 hours per month (49 minutes per day) on social media networks. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr, taken together, currently represent how more than one-third of all Europeans spend their daily screen time, with the most popular platform, Facebook, coming in as the region’s second most-trafficked site after Google Sites. Video, as you can see in the chart above, is a supremely popular medium across the EU-5, particularly in the UK, where users average an impressive 300+ YouTube videos per month.


Of the EU-5 Facebook accounts we examined in our new Hair Care & Color EU supplement, the French pages had the largest communities and were the second-most engaged (behind Italy). Despite this demonstrated interest from fans, just 19 percent of brands in the study have invested in creating local French pages. Relative to Facebook community size, eight brands have achieved impressive levels of engagement (i.e., likes, comments, and sharing as a percentage of community size) on their various European pages. As is the case in the US, professional brands exhibit, on average, three times the engagement of their consumer counterparts.


On Twitter, Hair Care & Color brands are across the board anemic compared to other verticals, averaging just under 7,000 followers in the UK, around 5,500 in Spain, and an astonishingly low 366 followers in Italy. Localization on the platform has also proven challenging, as less than one-quarter of brands have country-specific accounts in Italy, Spain, France, and Germany.


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