Clothing manufacturer and San Francisco-based e-tailer Everlane announced one-hour delivery this week for residents in 15 of the city zip codes. Delivery will be available on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm, $4.99 for one item and free for two pieces or more.

Google and eBay have experimented with one hour delivery and Amazon offers same day service, but Everlane is the only manufacturer offering expedited service without relying on a third party. As shown in this graph from L2’s Intelligence Report: Amazon, Amazon offers a fastest delivery service at the lowest price.

chart-1 (13)

However, more stores are using their brick and mortar stores as warehouses to cut delivery time and costs. In some cases – such as Best Buy’s – shipping from store lead to faster delivery times than Amazon.

chart-2 (13)
Everlane’s new delivery service is worth exploring. By delivering goods from nearby store locations via an in-house delivery service in lieu of a postal one, retailers can offer express delivery without sky-high fulfillment costs.

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