When it comes to recruiting digital talent, even top companies are unable to compete with Amazon, Facebook and Google. Fewer Americans search for jobs at Nike—regularly named one of the best companies to work for – than at the tech giants, according to L2’s War for Talent report. This provides a clear illustration of how the economy has shifted toward digitally native companies.

Job searches

Furthermore, talented employees at major agencies including WPP, Omnicom, Publicis and Interpublic Group are defecting to Facebook and Google. The study finds that the two tech giants currently employ over 2,000 individuals who previously worked at WPP, while WPP has only attracted 124 former Facebook or Google employees – most of whom are student ambassadors or interns who were not hired by the tech companies. As digitally native tech companies and consumer brands both seek out high-caliber employees, the study suggests that tech companies are likely to prevail in this war for talent.



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