carols-daughterConsumer Hair Care mobile apps have failed to gain traction, despite  efforts to turn them into personalized styling guides. The average brand app has just 14 ratings, but Carol’s Daughter bucks the norm with 156 ratings since its launch in 2013. It has the right mix of convenience and instructional content, and incentivizes users to explore the app by offering reward points for taking a diagnostic quiz and logging in with Facebook. The rewards are substantial, incentivizing the users to redeem  and buy then and there. For example, taking a diagnostic quiz adds 20 points, and 100 points gives the user $10 off a product.


The app has more than ten instructional videos for different styles created with Carol’s Daughter products, and has a direct e-commerce link for quick purchases. This high level of interaction is characteristic of the brand; it sends subscribers two emails per day or 13 per week. While more may not always be better, it seems to be working for the ‘Genius’ brand ranked No. 13 of 61 brands in our Digital IQ Index: Hair Care & Color.

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