A report this week confirms what was suspected all along: Facebook video is hurting YouTube numbers. Not only do videos embedded in the Facebook platform perform better than those with a link, Facebook’s algorithm ensures that videos make up 30% of news feeds. Organic fan reach for a Facebook native video is 3x that of YouTube. Brand attitudes are slowly beginning to shift as well. In 2014, YouTube links made it to promoted posts at twice the rate of Facebook videos. Now, Facebook videos comprise the majority of promoted videos.

L2’s Intelligence Report: Social Platforms finds Facebook and YouTube to be the two dominant platforms with more than a billion unique visitors per month each. As time spent watch online video is increasing at a rate of 50% each year, both companies are looking to increase their share of the spoils.

Increases in video consumption show only part of the story. Videos boost engagement with branded content. On Facebook, video is the most engaged-with content excluding offers. On both platforms, 75% of users watching a video of a product visit the brand site. Brand channels have registered almost 10 billion brand views and 18 million subscribers on the platform.

social-platforms-2014-facebook-average-absolute-engagement-by-post-typeYet there was a 2% decline in YouTube adoption among brands in L2’s 2013 and 2014 Social Platform studies.


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