This week, Facebook officially ended the practice of like-gating aka requiring viewers to like a page to enter a contest, receive an offer or access content. A Facebook engineer said in a blog posts that brands will have to find more authentic ways to engage their audience, and content previously visible only to those who liked a page will become visible to everyone.

For brands, that means the most effective organic tool for growing their Facebook community and generating engagement has been taken away. L2’s Intelligence Report: Social Platforms finds that excluding ads, offers brought the highest absolute engagement for brands among organic tactics, followed by video and photo.

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Last year, Facebook pulled possibly the biggest bait-and-switch in marketing history by asking marketers to build large communities before asking for payment to access them. This ban targets brands that had found a loophole in the platform’s pay-to-play rule, leaving them to purchase ads or attempt to grow their reach with video.

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