A few years ago, the big question was, “Does your brand have a Facebook page?” This was quickly followed by, “How many fans does your Facebook page have?” Now, it’s something more like, “How integrated is your Facebook page with your site and other social media platforms?” The answer to this, at least for the majority of luxury brands, is better than last year, according to L2’s new Facebook IQ Index report, released earlier this week.


But while Facebook integration among the 100 prestige brands included in this study has markedly increased since 2011, most brands are still missing major earned media opportunities. And a good number are still lagging in even the most basic integration. Less than one-fifth of brand CMOs say that their companies have taken steps to fully integrate the various components of their social media strategy. Just over one-third said social media was “supportive of communications but not fully integrated.”


The lowest-hanging fruit, linking a main site to a Facebook page, is predictably strong with 83 percent of brands already on-board. Shareable content, however, sees a significant drop-off, with just 69 percent of brands enabling cross-platform functionality. Even something as low-investment, high-impact as incorporating a Facebook ‘like’ button on product pages, blog posts, news articles and other site content isn’t as ubiquitous as one would expect–just 55 percent of prestige brands have taken these steps to-date.


Albeit an important platform, Facebook should be looked at as part of a larger social media whole. Connecting it — and thereby connecting your community — to all your digital properties is the ultimate goal.


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