This week EdgeRank Checker posted results of research that analyzes the relationship of click-through rates between Facebook “likes” and comments. An analysis of over 5.5k Pages and over 80k brand wall posts (excluding ones without links) revealed that every “like” of a brand post on its wall generates an average 3.1 clicks on the link, while every comment on the post leads to an average of 14.7 clicks.

For example, even though this wall post from NARS Cosmetics had more “likes” than comments, according to the EdgeRank Checker research, the 34 comments would generate 499 clicks on average, vs. 282 clicks based on the number of likes.


At L2, we believe that although overall page “Likes” and growth are important, engagement is even more important. This research from EdgeRank reinforces the need for brands to make sure that when they are attracting fans to their pages, they have a strategy in place to provide engaging content on an ongoing basis.  Engagement, and commenting in particular, has the potential to drive clicks to purchase.

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