Facebook just updated its Notes feature to let users post long-form writing. With a cleaner layout than its previous incarnation, the revamped Notes bears a remarkable resemblance to blogging platform Medium.

Following Facebook’s move into native video and rollout of Instant Articles, the new Notes is yet another indication of how Facebook is transforming into a content platform. Like Facebook video, Articles gives publishers an incentive to post articles directly on the social network with faster load times. With broader reach than any other media company except Yahoo and Google, Facebook has become a media giant without investing in content. L2’s Intelligence Report ranked Facebook one of digital media’s biggest winners, surpassed in revenue only by Google.

Ad revenue by media company


For bloggers, the new Notes positions Facebook as an alternative to Medium or LinkedIn. The advantage is scale: with over 1.4 billion users, Facebook has far greater reach than those platforms. But Notes would also have to create a fundamental shift in perceptions, as Facebook has until now been a repository for sharing content created on other platforms. For Notes to catch on with bloggers and content creators, Facebook will have to be seen as a legitimate destination for original content.


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