Facebook is piloting Place Tips today in New York City. Users who have enabled geolocation might see tips and photos relevant to their location. For example, someone walking down Soho and scrolling the Facebook feed could see a post about Dominique Ansel with photos of cronuts. The move is not without risk – hence starting out as a pilot test – but it would open up more space for target mobile advertising.

L2’s Intelligence Report: Social Platforms finds Facebook to be one of the top three global mobile platforms in the world, and perhaps the most dominant. In three of the four regions where it does not have the largest share of smartphone users, recent acquisition Whatsapp leads.


The acquisition of Whatsapp was only one of a series of Facebook strategies for dominating mobile apps and generating revenue. In October, the social platform launched hyper-local targeting with its ‘Get Directions’ button. In January, it launched a mobile ad platform that was developed throughout the year. As a result, Facebook revenue grew to $3.2 billion in Q3 2014 despite a slowdown in user growth.


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