video-average-facebook-video-engagement-rate-by-video-lengthMedia viewing habits have tilted towards mobile. As of now 65% of digital media is consumed on mobile devices, and that shift is even more pronounced on Facebook. Ninety-two percent of Facebook’s 1.71 billion users access the platform via mobile and more than half (57%) never use the platform’s desktop version.

For brands, this means Facebook videos should be optimized for mobile – that means shorter, less reliant on sound, and designed for vertical viewing. On average, Facebook videos shorter than 15 seconds have nearly double the engagement rate of videos 30 to 59 seconds long. Here are a few brands that are the first to optimize their content for mobile.


Kat Von D has created gif-like Facebook tutorials accompanies with music (no dialogue). These videos depart from YouTube tutorials in that they skip step-by-step instructions and are no more than 15 seconds in length.  As a result, Kat Von D has the seventh highest Facebook video engagement rate (5.3%) among beauty brands in the L2 Index.

Chanel uses Canvas ads, Facebook ads that fill an entire screen with photos, videos, and quick-buy options when clicked on.

Warby Parker, NYX and Tarte embrace the immersive video experience Snapchat provides with casual and authentic approaches to the platform. Warby Parker records behind the scenes while NYX and Tarte post influencer and brand-produced tutorials.

Quiksilver, Mountain Dew, Cartier, and Mary Kay also produce short videos and as a result have garnered up to 346,000 views per video with this tactic.



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