On the heels of several new studies that found Facebook’s mobile-sponsored stories significantly more effective and lucrative than their desktop counterparts, Facebook announced today a new ‘like’ action that will enable users to more easily share app content. This new functionality, along with the small company eligibility expansion for mobile ads announced earlier this month, signals promising progress toward mobile, a platform Facebook has been long reticent to embrace and promote.


By this afternoon, two of the most popular Facebook-integrated mobile apps, Instagram and foursquare, had already incorporated today’s change into their interfaces. Others would be wise to follow their quick example. Because the new functionality names the app in notifications and sends the app-identified ‘like’ directly into friends’ news feeds (provided friends have authorized that particular app to do so), there’s no question that apps’ name recognition and engagement will see a healthy boost after installing the new feature.



Given that the aforementioned studies found such a big discrepancy between the mobile/web click-throughs and mobile/web money per impression — 11 times and 13 times, respectively — it’s surprising a company as nimble as Facebook has taken so long to leverage the behavior behind these numbers to its financial advantage. But just as one might say in regards to Facebook’s recent IPO bounce back this week, later is always better than never.


Images via Facebook


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