Snapchat is suffering as Instagram continues to mimic its features. Snapchat growth slowed 82% after the launch of Instagram Stories, while Instagram’s copycat feature recorded over 150 million daily users and nearly caught up to Snapchat’s 158 million. And brands – particularly Fashion brands – are gravitating back towards Instagram.

Comparing New York’s 2017 spring Fashion Week to the previous event last fall, 21% fewer brands posted on Snapchat, according to L2’s Spring NYFW report. Furthermore, that activity was concentrated among a handful of brands. Just seven brands comprised 73% of all snaps, with Michael Kors posting more than twice as much as the average label.

Snapchat adoption

Most brands posted infrequently, saving the platform for recording live moments. For example, Lacoste and Alexander Wang snapped exclusively on the day of their runway shows. This may be due to the nature of the platform: when brands post previously filmed images, they are penalized with a white border indicating that the post was not recorded live. While designed to preserve the platform’s unscripted vibe, the study suggests that such barriers to curated content may ultimately depress brand enthusiasm for the platform, pushing labels – and users – over to rival Instagram.

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