Fashion brands are grasping the importance of mobile, according to L2’s Digital IQ Index: Fashion. At the time of the report release, 80% of brands a mobile site vs. less than half in 2012. Mobile commerce adoption has shot up since 2013, adopted by 67% of brands now as opposed to just 55%.

fashion-04Other proof of brands adopting a mobile-first approach is the narrowing gap between mobile and desktop features. Eighty-three percent of brands now have m-commerce, just slightly less than the percentage of brands with e-commerce. Product search is now almost as widely available on mobile as it is on desktop, 81% vs. 83%. Inventory check is available on mobile and desktop equally.



However, the transfer of rebuilding of certain features for mobile needs work. Just 54% of brands let users save items to wish list on a mobile phone while 71% of brands have that on desktop.

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