By 2019, videos will generate half of global Internet traffic – creating a major content marketing opportunity for the visual-centric Fashion industry. However, L2’s Insight Report: Fashion Video finds that only a handful of brands take advantage of mobile video advertising opportunities.

Video ad spend is expected to grow 22% per year over the next five years, particularly on mobile platforms, where revenue is rising three times faster than the desktop equivalent. But while most Fashion brands are mobile-optimized, with two in three serving mobile ads, few have taken the next step. Only 36% serve video ads on any platform, according to the L2 study.

An exception: Hermès’s recent Le MANifeste campaign, which used creative video advertising to target Esquire’s predominantly male audience. On the publication’s homepage, Hermès added a drawing of a man on a skateboard to the Esquire logo; curious users who clicked on the image would be taken to the Le MANifeste microsite. Similarly, Esquire readers who scrolled down had their content interrupted by a native video ad.

Hermes campaign

The ad garnered five million impressions during Le MANifeste’s campaign run in October, indicating that Hermès has a deep understanding of the mobile shopper. The promising data surrounding video ads suggests that other Fashion brands should get in on the action.

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