With menswear forecast to grow faster than womenswear over the next three years, brands should be thinking about how to get men’s attention.

There are plenty of opportunities to do so on social media, which plays an integral role in product discovery—especially for millennials, who are 1.6 times more likely to use digital channels to learn about new products. Men, in particular, choose Instagram over fashion magazines because of the wider perspectives and styles available. 

Yet L2 found that menswear-oriented brands fall behind their peers when it comes to engaging consumers through social platforms. In comparison with womenswear brands and brands that sell both men’s and women’s clothing, menswear-only brands posted 53% fewer times and had 75% smaller social communities. Unsurprisingly, therefore, they garnered 82% fewer interactions.

Social referrals

While Facebook remains the main driver of social traffic, it’s worth noting that menswear-only brands gain a substantial portion of their social media referrals from Reddit. Unlike womenswear shoppers, who tend to use Pinterest, many male consumers frequent Reddit’s “Male Fashion Advice” section, where questions range from “Shorts tips for skinny calves?” to “Is it acceptable to have a shirt longer than your down jacket?” Almost 20% of desktop social referral traffic for brands in L2’s study comes from Reddit, reflecting this rich array of content as well as the site’s primarily male user baseBrands trying to target men should consider Reddit among more conventional social media platforms when determining their ad placements.

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