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Instagram’s trajectory remains the big story in social media as brands on the platform continue to enjoy remarkable community growth and robust engagement rates. In the prestige Fashion category, communities for brands tracked in L2’s Index swelled by 160% on average from Q2 2014 to Q2 2015. That growth has pushed the average number of followers per brand past the 1 million mark, and the most popular brands on the platform have accumulated audiences three to four times that size. Chanel has racked up more than 4 million followers in less than a year, having launched an Instagram account last October.

Enamored with the platform’s 100 percent organic reach, brands have dialed up their earned-media efforts and post frequency among Fashion brands has grown 36% over the past year. Engagement is a healthy .63% on average for Fashion brands — versus .09% for Fashion brands on Facebook and .02% on Twitter — with Calvin Klein (.97%) and Kate Spade (.90%) earning the highest engagement rate. So far, Instagram has kept advertising on the platform to a minimum, effectively subsidizing organic reach. As that strategy is unlikely to continue, these are the salad days for brands on the platform.


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For more on Fashion brand activity on social media, see L2’s latest Insight report.

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