L2’s Digital IQ Index:Fashion finds that just a quarter of Fashion brands on YouTube have produced a piece of content that generates more than 1 million views. That’s a low number, considering over 90% of fashion brands have a YouTube presence. Furthermore, video platform Pixability finds that two-thirds of the estimated 15 billion views for fashion brands come from their beauty business. Beauty videos on YouTube have a total of 23.8 billion views and 125,000,000 dedicated channels, surpassing Fashion by far.

comparative-textThe graph below also demonstrates the overlap of Fashion and Beauty, not surprising given how many luxury brands play in both categories. Fragrance videos outperform fashion videos such as runway footage or collection debuts with a ratio of 3:1, and certain multimedia campaigns such as Louis Vuitton’s “L’Invitation au Voyage” outperforms average fashion content by of 13:1.


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