Organic reach is still alive and well on Instagram while almost all brand reach on Facebook is paid. Therefore, the top performing (aka most liked or commented on) posts on Instagram are the most accurate measure of what consumers respond to. According to L2’s 2016 Fashion study, images of celebrities and products resonate the most.

Products lead in generating engagement as they accounted for 38% of top performing posts, while celebrities were second, accounting for 33% of the top posts. Surprisingly, fashion show content made up just 6% of the most popular posts on Instagram.

In contrast, likes and comments on Facebook reveal what posts brands find worthy of paid support: product posts and fashion shows. Twenty-four percent of the top Facebook posts from Fashion brands are fashion shows, a sharp increase from 15% in 2015. The increase is likely due to these brands embracing Facebook Live, which was used to broadcast a third of the best performing fashion show posts.

Unsurprisingly, celebrity posts about a brand can create a social lift multiple that of organic reach. L2 calculated and compared the social lift of celebrities (average increase in interactions after they mention a brand) and found that results vary widely depending on the person. The following graph suggest a diminishing effect if a celebrity is mentioned too often by brands. For example, Gigi Hadid has appeared in 200 posts by 36 brands. She provides a (strong) social uplift of 46%. However, brands that worked with Justin Bieber are winning, as the celebrity has appeared in only 23 brand posts and has boosted engagement for his partner brands by an average of 70%. Similarly, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Kanye West, and Cara Delevingne collectively provided an average social uplift of 56% and each appeared in less than 50 brand posts.




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