While the fashion industry has traditionally skewed towards womenswear, menswear is taking off. Revenues are expected to grow 5% over the next two years, outpacing the expected growth in womenswear revenue. However, brands have been slow in their digital efforts to address this increased demand.

Given the spike in interest, one would expect brands to push their menswear collections. However, almost a third of brands in L2’s menswear report that carry both men’s and women’s fashion don’t feature their men’s products on their homepage — missing an opportunity to capture interested browsers. A further 19% of brands make menswear a second priority by only showing content below the fold.


Although brands are improving their data collection tools, they aren’t fully taking advantage of them. As many as 86% of fashion brands in the US ask customers about their genders when they sign up for accounts, yet only 41% of these brands actually use the data to modify the subject lines of gender-targeted emails, according to L2’s study. The 15 brands that did target men saw higher open rates for their menswear-specific email subjects, making clear that brands with male audiences are losing the opportunity to engage a substantial portion of their email lists.

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